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McKenzie Interchange

The McKenzie Interchange in Gasoline Alley was upgraded from signalized intersections to  multi-lane roundabouts. At the same time the bridge was widened to four lanes. This improvement was all completed in 2021 with traffic diverted around the bridge for the majority of the project. 


Sunnybrook South Residential Subdivision

Sunnybrook South is a large mixed density residential subdivision located in south east of Red
Deer. It contains approximately 319 homes, several parks, a roundabout and a storm water detention
facility with enhanced features. Construction took place over six years.


The development straddles Piper
Creek and several natural features were preserved in this development.


Gasoline Alley Infrastructure Study

As part of a larger overall infrastructure study for Red Deer County, the transportation system in Gasoline Alley was modeled to determine what improvements to the roadways and intersections were necessary at the current date, and as Gasoline Alley grows in the future.


 This project was done in conjunction with the Highway 2 overpass project.


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Town of Innisfail

61 Avenue

61st Avenue in Innisfail was upgraded in 2020 from a gravel roadway to a paved industrial collector road, servicing a dozen local businesses. The entire 650m of the existing roadway was widened, curb and gutter were installed, and asphalt paving was completed on the roadway and the approaches into all businesses that line the road. Drainage improvements were also included in the project to eliminate ponding water along the edge of the roadway.


Town of Innisfail

Water/Sanitary Sewer Calibration

The Existing Water Model for the Town of Innisfail was updated based on Flow Testing performed throughout the Town.

A sanitary sewer model was created to determine the capacity for future development within the town. Current issues with the sanitary sewer system were identified in this study.



Special Events Rentals
Gasoline Alley

The Special Events Rentals building in Gasoline Alley (Red Deer County) is a 37,500 sq.ft. building with multiple tenants. The site is a mixture of an asphalt parking area, gravel yard, and storage area. This project was completed in 2019.

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